Our mission

Our mission is to enhance personal awareness together with our location; our forrestgarden, meadow.   

In the sweatlodge we can return to our origin and remember who we are. In Sacred Space we find the answers which will guide us. 

Amber and Jeannette Groeneveld


Our sweat lodges and our mission

The sweat lodges are located in a food forest that was created by our care farm ' De Groene Boerderij '. Because our core values are sustainability and development, our motto is:

'Learning to live sustainably with nature, each other and ourselves'

We do not heat the stones with open fire, but with ovens running on green electricity. In this way we do not emit particulate matter or CO2.

Amber Groeneveld

For 20 years I have been living with my wife Jeannette and our daughter Liv on our beautiful piece of land in Den Ilp. We live with dogs, cats, horses and chickens on our 2 acres. Nature is my great passion and source of inspiration and every day I am amazed more about its strength and beauty. For years I have felt very much at home with the way in which the Indian tradition uses nature as a medicine and guideline for life. When the sweatlodge found me, and I entered the one of my life, I had a feeling of coming home. Sitting together around the stones in the lodge gave me such peace and immediate connection with myself, which only became more and more after the loge had been heated. An unforgettable experience with a migraine tail the next day. Still, I wanted to get back into the cabin as soon as possible, and I've never had a headache again. In fact, the headache will now go away in the cabin. After attending countless lodges, my desire was so great to start leading the ceremonies myself after a intense training. Now I have been leading the ceremonies for more than a year on my own land with a lot of passion, peace and openness! I am proud.

Amber Groeneveld