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  • How is the day organized and how long does a sweatlodge last?
    We will start the ceremony at 12 pm and we will go in the lodge twice. A sweatlodge lasts more than an hour, but once you are in, you will not notice much of time. After the first lodge we will rest a little, have some fruit, drink enough and prepare for the second one. After the second and last lodge we eat a nutritious vegetarian soup with some healthy snacks. Then we clean up the lodge together. This will be around 5pm.
  • Do I need to prepare myself for the ceremony?
    Yes, because the heat lets your body work hard and has a purifying effect, it is wise not to use any alcohol for a few days before the ceremony. Also, be moderate with coffee.
  • What do I bring with me?
    Take with you: 1. two towels 2. a shawl 3. a bottle of water 4. slippers or loafers 5. a bathrobe 6. possibly extra warm clothes 7. possibly swimwear (it is not necessary, everyone can do what he / she likes)
  • What if I am unable to attend?
    Are you unable to attend at the last minute, or do you have to stay home due to Covid-19? Send an email, then you can catch up on the day at a different date.
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