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Every last friday of the month we heat up the stones in our oven for a ceremony. We open the Sacred Space between blueberries ans cranberries. We meditatie and pray by making ties, clean ourselves witch sage and enter the lodge. Then we have  4 rounds, in which we intermittently the door opens.

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Female Lodges

Sisterhood. Sometimes, women need to feel the connection with their own and other female energy.  Every woman must have had this powerfull experience. 

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In our beautifull  tipi we organize cacaoceremonies.

We meditate and experience the sacred cacao, which deepens the mediation and opens the heart, bringing you connection with your highest self.  



Private Ceremony

Interested and having a special occasion with family,  friends or colleges? 

The small lodge ( 7 persons) and the big lodge (18 p)  can can be booked seperatly with the ceremonymaster. 

Renting the lodge

Are you a ceremonymaster and looking for a wonderful location in the area of Amsterdam?

Both lodges (7 and 18 p) are for rent. 


During of after the ceremonies there can be an emotional reaction. Jeannette is specialized in The Work (Byron Katie).  This methode has proven to be very good to dissolve the underlying beliefs.