We start friday the 28th of may with lodges on every friday. 






To Re-Member

Amber makes you feel welcome inmedeately. She offers the ritual with  love and care, the sessions become pure and powerfull. 

Nicole Wehmeijer

Eco Sweatlodge

A Sweatlodge ceremonie is an old Native American ritual, which cleanses us as well on the outside as inside. 

We give ourselves a moment to balance ourselves through self-connection, nature, eachother by mediation, prayor and inner awareness


The lodge is built from branches of the willowtree, which we cover with blankets and a canvas top. Inside, hot stones are placed in a pit. The ceremonymaster poors water with herbs and essential oils. 


After a few 'rounds', in which the door opens to allow fresh air to enter, we leave the lodge. We sit in stillness in nature. 

An unforgettable experience

How does it work?